Lord and Burnham

Montgomery Smith Inc. Is an Expert on Lord and Burnham Structures

We have spent years in the evaluation, identification, archival documentation and preservation of numerous Lord and Burnham and other early greenhouse manufacturers’ structures. Our accumulated knowledge of greenhouse styles, structures, castings and components is extensive. We have aided a great many institutions, municipalities and owners of 19th and early 20th century greenhouses in discovering the authenticity of and establishing a program for the restoration and preservation of their greenhouses.

Lord and Burnham History

Lord and Burnham Company dominated the greenhouse design and manufacturing industry for over 125 years starting in 1856 when Frederick A. Lord, carpenter and inventor extraordinaire, began building greenhouses in Syracuse, N.Y. under the company name of Lord’s Horticultural Works. His daughter Mary Abbie married William Addison Burnham in 1869 who became a partner in the business in 1872 thus beginning Lord and Burnham Company. That partnership grew to be the dominant and most prolific greenhouse manufacturer in North America for the next century.

Other early greenhouse manufacturers such as Hitchings, Pierson, Sefton, Lutton, Foley, King, American, and others either dissolved or became part of the L & B Company through acquisition. In fact, Lord & Burnham came to realize that the loss of these company names after an acquisition resulted in losing a considerable number of brand name loyal costumers – returning after a few years to marketing these greenhouses under their original monikers, later a General Motors concept as well!

Lord and Burnham Irvington, N.Y. Factory – 1895

Lord and Burnham Door Plate – 1890’s

Some of these projects include:

  • Oatlands Plantation Greenhouse
  • R.J.Reynolds Estate Greenhouse
  • Oldfields Estate Greenhouse
  • Winterthur Estate
  • Nemoures, Dupont Estate Greenhouse
  • Dunbarton Oaks Greenhouse
  • Highlands Greenhouse – The Edith Wharton Home
  • Lyman Plant House – Smith College
  • Harkness Estate Greenhouses
  • The Biltmore Estate Conservatory

James Smith, Principal of Montgomery Smith, Inc. is a member of:

  • Society of Architectural Historians – SAH
  • Association for Preservation Technology – APT
  • American Institute of Architects, Associate – AIA
  • and numerous regional Historic Preservation Societies